Business Process Optimization solutions by I.R.I.S.

I.R.I.S. Business Process Optimization services and solutions offer a complete solution to a customer in direct support of their business processes, integrating return on experience, showing compelling return on investment. Project drivers include cost reduction, increase process speed, better support to customers, and many more.

The I.R.I.S. Business Process Optimization solutions – or BPOpt – combine different elements such as solutions, services, hardware, platforms. In short, everything needed in order to support core business processes of our customers and ensure that users are able to focus on added value work instead of tedious and time-consuming tasks often presenting security breaches.

The 4 dimensions of Business Process Optimization solutions

  • Information: What content is managed by a business process? In what shape (paper, digital content, web content, structured data, or other)? Content structure needs to be addressed as productivity increase often comes by changing the way it is formatted.
  • Organization considers the process, the roles and responsibilities, the security rules and other aspects governed by the organization. In order for the business processes to be successful, it is essential to look at the real organization and not the way it is documented in procedures.
  • Technology helps companies make informed decisions when managing information and processes and having to decide an impressive number of technology providers. At I.R.I.S. we rely on our experience and expertise to assist customers in selecting the right technology.
  • Vertical approach of our BPOpt solutions, which are fine-tuned in order to integrate elements typical of a market segment and bringing specific value to that particular sector.

4 trends in Business Process Optimization projects

  • Mobile access: Evolutions in IT and current trends such as “Bring your own device” change the requirements end-users who want to access applications, information, processes through user-friendly applications on their mobile devices, smartphone or tablet.
  • Integration: a necessary condition in order to maximize return of investment of an information management system, integration allows information silos to open and information to be shared and consolidated.
  • Security: while content is entering organizations more and more digitally, verifying authenticity becomes an increasingly major issue. Also, today companies want to get rid of costly and time-consuming paper, implying for the digital version to have legal value.
  • New world of work: More and more companies are adopting the so-called “NWOW” principles in their offices, a large part of which consisting of working digitally. I.R.I.S. advises customers on how to evolve efficiently from paper-based operation to a NWOW approach.

The building blocks of Business Process Optimization solutions

BPOpt solutions are quite comprehensive and encompass a large array of powerful technologies developed by I.R.I.S. The capture part, including document classification and data extraction, relies heavily on I.R.I.S.’ top-of-the-range indexing platform IRISXtract for Documents.

Of course every other step of the way is taken care of, from archiving and document management to business applications and ERP, namely thanks to partnerships and advanced integrations with key business applications such as Therefore, HP WorkSite, OpenText and many others.

It is also essential to offer a complete set of services including consultancy and development, to translate the customer’s efficiency requirements into the correct architecture and workflows and to integrate the solution to the environment of the customer and their business application.

I.R.I.S completes its service portfolio with its infrastructure services, providing a one-stop-shop for any Information Management challenge a customer might face.
An extensive and expanding portfolio for vertical markets
Market segmentSolutionExamples of customers
Banking - Mortgage & Credit loan process optimization
- Participations management (compliance)
- Global Capital market solution (compliance)
Record bank, Crédit Agricole,  Ackermans & van Haaren.
Legal & Professional services - Matter centric access, e-mail mgt, collaboration
- Matter intake process optimization
- Document process optimization (scanning, workflow)
- Legal insurance case handling optimization
Noerr, Schoenherr, Wolff Theiss, Houthoff Buruma, De Brauw, CMS, DAS LS., Pels Rijcken, Wiersholm, Bahr, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, NLO
Healthcare - Patient form process automation
- Integration of medical archive and patient forms/file
- Event & Congress Management
National Healthcare Org (UNMS, M-Team, SNCB Mutualities, Euromut, MNOZ, Mutaero, Mutuelle Intériale)
Hospitals (CHU, etc.)
Insurance - Life Insurance contract process optimization
- Car claims processing  for Leasing companies
- Speed  limit  fines management - Customer Support Optimization (DM,RM,scanning)
Le Foyer, d’Ieteren Lease, Assurance et conseils, DELA, CZ, DAS LS
HR - HR-file and document management (DM, RM, scan) Belgian Railways, BDO - Dela, KPMG AG, Skuld, Alliander
Finance - Automated archiving of investment files of a holding
- Accounts payable process support
- Accounts payable approval support
Ackermans Van Haren, Evides, Energie Beheer Nederland
Public - Automated request for drivers’ license
- Automated  processing of tax returns
- Online Dispute Management
- Automate National Election process
Ecuador gov, Honduras gov, SPF Finance, SPF Justice, SPF Economie Pole Emploi, CNAF
Professional associations - Optimization of collaboration between members
- Long Term legal archiving process optimization
Services - Form meter reading
- IT department Documents life cycle management
Caloribel, Tecteo, SNCT