IRISXtract - Digital Mailroom solution

Automate the processing of your incoming mail

IRISXtract is a powerful modular platform that can sort documents into separate categories; assign them to the various business processes; extract the needed data and send them to the company's Eletronic Document Management system.

The IRISXtract™ solution "incoming mail" module
With IRISXtract™ Mailroom, the effective management of your incoming mail will enhance the responsiveness of your business teams, the quality of the services provided by your company and the satisfaction of your clients!

All of your documents, whether they are received in hard copy or electronic format, are automatically analysed, sorted and sent to your business teams. Key data is extracted from these documents and listed in indexes which allow your company's systems to be populated and provide your teams with fast access to the information they need

In only a few minutes, your documents and the data that they contain are directly incorporated into the heart of your company's systems and can be 100% used by your business teams!
The key benefits for your company
Improved client satisfaction
Client files are processed more quickly and the information passed on is of better quality

Lower mail processing costs
Employees who sort the mail can spend their time on tasks with greater added value, such as, for example, improving customer service

Your business processes are accelerated
The times between the receipt of mail and its use by the business teams are considerably reduced. Also, all of the documents are directly incorporated into the company's systems so that they can be 100% used by your teams

Your information flow is better controlled
The traceability of your mail is improved, from the point of entry up to its incorporation into your systems and its use by the business teams. The documents are better directed, and risks of errors or loss are considerably reduced

Your employees are more productive and more satisfied
Information sharing within your company is improved. Employees are able to easily retrieve the information they need
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